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We want to start a political revolution. But of course, revolutions only happen when people are empowered and supported. If you believe that Appalachia should move our nation's politics forward, we need your help. If you believe our region should be fairly represented in state and local office, we need your help. If you believe there is a bright future for the mountain communities we love, we need your help. And with your help, we will move mountains.

Please, consider getting involved however you can. Each financial donation to our political action committee, big or small, gives one of our strong, visionary candidates a fighting chance against those backed by big business and dark money. If you're interested in working with a candidate, a link to our candidate page is below. Find out who wants to represent you and get in touch. If you're interested in running yourself, go to our contact page and reach out! 

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Momentum Appalachia was created with people like me in mind - women running for office in impoverished rural parts of Eastern Kentucky. Knowing that the financial field was not level due to my gender and the reality that my potential contributions would be markedly less than those in a more economically-vibrant area, MA reached out to me and offered me assistance. Through MA, my personal expectations were raised because I knew they were in my corner! I can’t thank MA enough for connecting me with a support network of people across the Appalachian region! 


- Paula Clemons

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PO Box 23224

Louisville, Ky. 40223

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