Our Vision

The road ahead will not be easy. We all know the challenges that lay in our way. A broken local economy. The raging drug crisis. Falling population. This is exactly why we need new leadership. Bold, courageous voices, who not caught up in the misguided ideas that have continued to plague our region.


Below, we've listed just a few of the beliefs that guide our vision for the future of Appalachia. If you're interested in knowing more about our candidates and what they believe, we encourage you to look through the candidate profiles below and get involved. 

What We Believe

- For decades, the women of Appalachia and their needs have not been properly represented in our government or our greater society. By electing women to public office, we can provide new, diverse opinions to our legislature that will enact real, positive change.


- While coal still offers valuable jobs to some of our neighbors and loved ones, Appalachia needs to look elsewhere to rebuild its economy. The resurgence of the coal economy is a false promise, and to pretend otherwise only hurts us in the long-run.


- The teachers and education systems of our region have been underpaid and underfunded for too long. Better investment in schools, early education programs, and the trades are needed for our children and young adults to thrive.


- The economic systems in our region have been rigged against the people of Appalachia for decades. We need to fight the growing economic inequality so the people of our region have a fair chance to live the American Dream. This means we need, among other things: fair pay, clean water, access to quality healthcare, access to the internet, and meaningful work.

- We work better when we work together. It doesn't matter what you believe, where you're from, or the color of your skin, you have a home in Appalachia.


-Any Appalachian, young or old should not have to leave his or her home to find quality economic or educational opportunities.


- The people and culture of our region are what makes us special. As we overcome the challenges ahead, we must preserve the close-knit, compassionate communities that have made our region a beautiful place to live and start families.

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If you agree with us, let's get to work!

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