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Why give to Appalachian women candidates?


There are 20 amazing Democrat women in eastern Kentucky who are candidates for various offices, from state to grass roots local. These women are knowledgeable. These women are strong. These women are progressive. They KNOW the problems facing their communities and have good ideas for fixing them.


The problems are many: the opioid crisis, high incarceration rate, grandparents raising children, loss of jobs, severe poverty, lack of infrastructure, limited internet access, and more.


We hear over and over again, the question: "Why don't people just leave?"


They don't leave because being Appalachian is something that is distinctly American. It's home. It's where our ancestors settled when our country was in its infancy. They are holding this unique place for all of us. They want to -- they need to -- fix the problems and preserve our country's heritage. To quote candidate Paula Clemons-Combs, " tell an Appalachian that he needs to move away... is as much ridiculous as it is callous. He would rather stay close to kith and kin than to have fancy things that mainstream America has unfortunately begun to hold up as markers of modern day success.  To go visit the house where your great-grandfather was raised or sleep in the same cast iron bed that your great-grandmother slept in over 100 years ago, can have no price tag because it is truly a priceless gift. How can one walk outside and gaze into the mountains with the mist rising and the smell of Fall in the air and not realize that there is a God and Appalachia must surely be the lost Garden of Eden. One cannot, of course, and this is why we stay."


The other question we hear from outsiders is: "Why do people vote against their own self interest?"


Part of the answer is that money influences perception. The Republican agenda is to disparage and vilify anyone who voices a different opinion. An opposing candidate faces an uphill battle in making their voices heard above the roar created by the spin from outside "dark money." The Republican party is buying and sustaining a false narrative and destroying good candidates, sometimes irrevocably so. Any attempt to give a more realistic picture of the region's problems and solutions is drowned out by ideology that favors only the wealthy. We have another choice. We have a voice.

The same massive pool of dark money that is supporting Kentucky's two senators, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Senator Rand Paul, on a national level is pouring into Appalachia and perpetuating the idea that only the very rich citizens matter. We have another choice. We have a voice.


We need to help these Appalachian women candidates fight against legislation that favors only the very wealthy. We are trying to even the playing field. That is why we have created Momentum Appalachia PAC (Political Action Committee) to generate funds to help these Democrat women candidates. That's why we are reaching out to you to help these amazing Appalachian women. We have another voice. We have a choice.


Everyone knows the Appalachian region is economically depressed. This affects how these women raise money for advertising, travel expenses, campaign signage, etc. How can they ask for donations from their constituents who are struggling to put food on the table? They need your help in making their voices heard. We have another voice. We have a choice.


According to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance laws, the maximum an individual is allowed to contribute to a candidate is $2,000. Any amount you give will help and is greatly appreciated. Please note: Only individuals are allowed to contribute. Businesses are restricted from making contributions.